Crystal Awards

Photos of some of the crystal awards we made for CSX's 5th annual awards evening. The first picture is of our Crystal Trophy number 17, here we sandblasted the CSX logo in 2 layers from the back with the award details engraved underneath. This award is available in 3 sizes. The second picture is our Crystal Trophy 27. On this award we sandblasted the logo on the front of the star and engraved the award details on the base from the front. These star trophies also come in 3 sizes. The 3rd picture is Crystal Trophy 9, the world globe on a crystal base. Both the logo and the wording have been sandblasted on the base. The last photo is of the different shape trophies we used for these awards.

All these awards can be found in our Crystal Trophies Gallery.  Helium Design are located in Edenvale, Johannesburg. Call now on 011-022-2094 or send us a message via our contact from.

  crystal awards

  Crystal Awards Stars

  crystal awards globe

  crystal awards group

Crystal Awards for the CSX 5th Annual Awards Evening